What Can I Do To Help
Build Resilience In Kids?

Everyone can make a difference by getting involved in the lives of youth. By being a positive influence and a mentor to kids in your life, you can nurture resiliency and help kids grow up physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Be a positive influence to those around you, including your children, grandchildren, neighbors, kids at church, teens who work at the grocery store where you shop...the point is that every interaction with youth provides an opportunity for you to make a positive connection and a difference.

Make Connections

By making connections with kids, you are actually helping their brain to develop properly.

We need to help kids feel connected. They need to be listened to, invested in by mentors, encouraged, and supported by those around them. We need to build networks for kids that bring purpose. Youth need a sense of belonging and to be valued by their peers, their school and the adults in their life.

Model and Teach Self-Care

We need to model and teach self-care. This can be as simple as establishing routines when kids are young so they get healthy foods and good night’s sleep. We need to take more breaks from stressful activities and practice activities that help us relax, like mindfulness and meditation. This is modeled by adults.

Challenge Growth

We need to challenge the growth of kids and provide opportunities for them to take safe risks. Kids need to be challenged and inspired. Their minds need to be stimulated and expanded through opportunities to serve and care about others. We need to help kids set goals and attain them.

Join a Coalition

Roots of Resilience is a collaboration between several anti-drug coalitions in the Northland KC area. Our efforts to build resilience and prevent substance use are ongoing. We welcome you to join us in these efforts!