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9 Ways to Root Your Family in Resilience

Resilient kids are better equipped to handle the challenges of life and cope with problems. Resilience can be built in our kids starting at home. Here are nine ways families can root their children in resilience starting NOW!

1. Give yourself (and your kids) grace. We can’t do it all, so don’t feel like you have to!

2. Provide structure for kids. Predictability and routine help make kids feel safe and give them purpose.

3. Practice your own self-care:  Drink water, take breaks, maintain a consistent sleep schedule, move your body, color, read, do things you enjoy most. Taking care of yourself is essential for taking care of kids.

4. Teach self-care to kids:  Put words to your positive coping actions, for example:  “Whew, I am feeling stressed.  I’m going to take a walk. Want to come too?”

5. Connection makes the difference! Address kids’ feelings and concerns and connect with them before correcting their behavior. Provide reassurance by saying “I’m always here for you” or “I can help.” Point out positive behaviors, rather than focusing on the negative.

6. Reach out to neighbors and friends. Even when we're busy, we can show care through little touch points like waving, saying hello, and personalized texts.  

7. Take time to unplug from your phone, laptop, tv, news, etc.  It’s important to stay informed, but it’s just as important to give yourself and your kids a break!

8. Model positive coping skills. Teach kids they don’t need alcohol and other drugs to cope. Show them the value of slowing down, going outside, exercising,

journaling, music, cooking, reading or deep breathing.

9. Practice an attitude of gratitude. Focusing on things you are grateful for is instant stress relief!

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