Roots of Resilience Action Guide

The Roots of Resilience Action Guide is a guide to help small groups learn, discuss, and plan next steps for building resilience in youth. If you are interested in learning more about this process, contact us! If you would like to download a free sample Action Guide, please leave your email below and a download button will pop up. 

If you know you would like to start an Action Guide group, fill out this form to order as many printed guides as you need. Printed guides are available for those in Clay, Platte, and Ray Counties in Missouri. 

Action Guides will be printed and shipped to you free of charge.


If you are already participating in a group, use the links on this page to connect to Anchor Activities and other resources for learning more about ACES and Resilience.

Section 1: The Impact of ACES

Section 2: Resilience

Section 3: Model and Teach Self-Care

Section 4: Connections

Section 5: Challenge Growth

Evaluation: To Be Completed After Action Guide

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