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Section 2: Resilience

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Anchor Activities

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The Science of Resilience


Resilience Questionnaire

Additional Resources

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American Psychological Association: The Road To Resilience

All about Resilience! This is a great resource for learning more about what you can do to build resilience in yourself and others.


The 7 C's: Practical Ways To Build Resilience

How can you build resilience in kids? Here are some specific things you can incorporate into daily life that can help build resilience in children and youth around you.

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The 40 Developmental Assets Framework

The 40 Developmental Assets Framework was created by The Search Institute, who identified these specific assets that help kids thrive. We can all be asset-builder for kids in our lives!

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What Kids Need to Succeed

This is a book, by the Search Institute, that delves deeper into building the 40 Assets. Once you have identified which assets need to be built, this book give you ideas of how they can be built at home, at school, and in the community.

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